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Twist the upper part of the camera and pull in order to open it. Check that the battery is locked in position.
Use the magnet on bottom side of bracelet by placing it on the sensor indicated by the Icon on the right side of the camera body.
Pass the line in the channel below the camera and insert the appropriate centerboard. Use bigger centerboard for fishing line of more than 2 mm. Press and slide to insert or remove the centerboard.
The double O-ring guarantees the camera to be waterproof. WARNING: Dirt and fragments on the O-ring may compromise tightness, letting water enter and damaging the device. THIS KIND OF CAMERA DAMAGE IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY You must always check the O-ring’s cleanliness and keep it lubricated, if damaged please replace with an original one. In order to clean it, use your finger wet with clean water or saliva. Do not attempt to use salt water.
The led lights are controlled by the camera processor and turned on when needed. To test tap the lens window and wait few seconds while camera is recording.
Follow instructions of the wizard on the support & downloads page of our website. Just copy the .elf and the upgrade.ena files on SD root and turn on the camera.
Go to settings page of our website and download one of our presets, or make yours in our editor. If you want to directly modify the setting file on your own use a plain text editor and open one of our files. This will turn you into an advanced user 😉 Don’t worry, you cannot damage the camera by editing the settings.cfg file and if you do some mistake the settings are simply ignored ad overridden with default values.
In order to format the SD card please keep pressed the power button until you see red light flashing, then key up for few seconds then press again until the led light stop flashing and stays steady on. The red light will flash slowly until format completion. Once the formatting has occurred the led will switch off. WARNING: Formatting eliminates any data in the SD card.
In order to whatch what is going on in real time the cam should be attached to a cable, which is possible but would inferfere with the fishing action. Underwater Wi-Fi does not exist yet.
To download the videos on your computer simply connect via the included USB cable and access your files. Share your best videos with your friends on social networks!